A Bit About Us

Kodiak manufactures and designs its industrial equipment in the dairyland of Wisconsin, USA. We design durable and effective equipment while keeping things simple, even for your budget. At Kodiak, we strive to receive your order and produce your custom piece of equipment in a matter of days so it can get to your facility quick. We can successfully achieve quick deliveries by having massive sub-assemblies ready and by producing many of the components in-house. We care about delivering the right piece of equipment to fit your unique applications needs, and we want you to have it for years. We don’t want you to call us back in a year and need a new one, we designed a machine that can be easily maintained while being durable enough for daily hardships while not breaking down on you.

Our Location:

  • 1711 South Street
  • Racine, WI
  • USA
  • 53404

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